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Educators interested in reviewing open textbooks can submit an application using the above form. In order to encourage a diversity of voices, reviews are currently limited to 2 per person. An honorarium of $250 will be provided to eligible and qualified individuals who complete, submit, and permit the open publication of the review of an open textbook. Books with two or fewer reviews will be given priority.

Please use the AtlanticOER Open Textbooks Peer Review Rubric to review open textbooks. The review criteria includes:

  • Comprehensiveness 
  • Content Accuracy
  • Relevance/Longevity
  • Clarity; Consistency
  • Modularity
  • Organization/Structure/Flow
  • Interface
  • Grammatical/Spelling Errors
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Overall Recommendation

  • Reviews will be accepted once it is determined that they are complete. The following will be required of successful honoraria recipients:

    • The review will be submitted using the rubric
    • The review will be submitted within three months
    • The review will be and complete and comprehensive
    • Reviewers are encouraged to provide helpful and constructive feedback whether the review is positive or negative

    Who Can Apply?

    Any permanent resident of Canada employed at a Canadian post-secondary institution and has recent teaching experience at the post-secondary level in the subject area for a specific open textbook, is eligible to apply for an honorarium to review an open textbook.