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Grant Project Recipients

2022 Recipients
Dr. Mark Baker, Assistant Professor, Saint Francis Xavier University

Project: The goal of this project is to create an open textbook to replace the existing Pearson textbook and to optimize the student learning experience by involving a student in creation, testing, and usability.

Other Team Members: Meghan Landry, Scholarly Communications Librarian, St. Francis Xavier University

Courses: PHYS 121/122: Physics for the Physical Sciences and Engineering I/II

Julie Crouse, Faculty, Nova Scotia Community College

Project: This project is focused on developing ancillary content (such as slide decks, H5P quizzes, and images) to support the use of the existing OER textbook, Exploring substance use in Canada.

Other Team Members: NSCC Copyright Office

Course: SOCS 2024: Introduction to Addictions

Dr. Alexandra Tsedryk, Associate Professor, Mount Saint Vincent University

Project: The goal of this event is to adapt the existing OER text, Liberté, into an OER that will support four French language courses in the Modern Languages Department at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU). As part of the process, the text will be updated to include Canadian references and perspectives and to make the text more useful and applicable to MSVU students.

Other Team Members: Dr. François-Xavier Eygun, Professor, Modern Languages Department; Dr. Larry Steele, Associate Professor, Modern Languages Department; Dr. Juliette Valcke, Associate Professor, Modern Languages Department; Emily Ballantyne, Educational Developer, Teacher and Learning Centre; Lindsay McCallum, Librarian, Archives and Scholarly Communications & Liaison for the Humanities; Erin Chapman, Instructional Designer, Teaching and Learning Centre; Michael McGuire, Instructional Developer, Teaching and Learning Centre

Courses: FREN 1101: Basic Practical French; FREN 1102: Basic Practical French 2: FREN 2201: Practical French; and FREN 2202: Practical French 2

Dr. Erin Mazerolle, Assistant Professor, Saint Francis Xavier University

Project: This project aims to improve inclusivity, accessibility, and relevance of an open educational resource used for an introductory psychology and neuroscience course and to educate undergraduate students on important concepts related to equity, diversity, and inclusivity.

Other Team Members: Erin Austen, Hackathon Co-Organizer, St. Francis Xavier University; Jesse Husk, Faculty Advisor, St. Francis Xavier University; Leanne Fraser, Faculty Advisor, Dalhousie University

Courses: PSYO 1011/1031 & PSYO 1012/1032: Introduction to Psychology I & II

Jeannie Bail, Liaison Librarian, University of New Brunswick

Project: This project is focused on increasing the reach of the Business Information Skills Certificate (BISC) resource by adapting it as open textbook and populating it with redeveloped H5P quizzes, videos, and ancillary materials such as teaching slides and/or an interactive glossary.

Other Team MembersLizabeth Lemon-Mitchell, Director, Faculty Advancement and Operations, & Instructor, Faculty of Management, University of New Brunswick; Emily Clark, Instructional Designer, Teaching and Learning Services, University of New Brunswick; Leanne Wells, Retired Business Librarian, UNB Libraries; Sally Armstrong, Research Specialist, Senior Associate, PWC Canada

Course: ADM 1165: Business Communications I

2021 Recipients
Dr. Erin Mazerolle, St. Francis Xavier University
Project:This project will focus on the development of an open electronic textbook and companion lab manual, “Answering Questions with Data”.

Other Team Members: Ms. Margaret Vail, Academic Librarian, St. Francis Xavier University; Dr. Derrick Lee, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, St. Francis Xavier University; Ms. Sherry Neville-MacLean, Lab Instructor, Department of Psychology, St. Francis Xavier University; Dr. Lindsay Berrigan, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, St. Francis Xavier University

Course: PSYC 292: Introductory Statistics for Psychology Research
Dr. Paul De Decker, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Project: “The Science of Stuttering” (TSS) is a web-based module for use in an existing university or college level course in phonetics, sociolinguistics, or clinical phonetics. It is also suitable for standalone individual use. TSS is created through collaboration with people who stutter (PWS), their families, friends and caregivers and speech language pathologists. This open education resource will introduce learners to issues in stuttering research and help develop skills that will be useful for students considering graduate study in speech language pathology. It is meant to challenge everyone to better understand the lived experiences of PWS and SLPs in the clinical treatment of stuttering.

TSS explores what stuttering is from a medical perspective and compares this with social science research on stuttering. Learners can test their understanding of this content through several short quizzes. The second unit features vignettes (short interactive, documentary videos) that look at the lived experiences of people who stutter in social contexts. The third and final unit is an H5P branching scenario/interactive story that introduces students to a mock clinical assessment in which learners can take on the role of a speech language pathologist assessing a client who stutters, and vice-versa. This Theory of Mind activity provides an opportunity for learners to consider the emotions, beliefs, and communicative practices of both participants in a clinical encounter.

Other Team Members: Amelia Robinson, Speech-Language Pathologist; Sandy Crowley, Speech-Language Pathologist; Greg O'Grady, Chair, Newfoundland and Labrador Stuttering Association; and Donna Downey, Manager, Media Services, Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, Memorial University

Course: Linguistics 4700: Experimental Phonetics
Dr. Jules Fauteux, Nova Scotia Community College
Project: This project will adapt four textbooks which have been part of an Open Education Resource (OER) pilot in the School of Business and Creative Industries at Nova Scotia Community College. The project will facilitate more widespread use of the OER once adapted. In the 2021/2022 academic year students using these OER textbooks will have consistent access to quality learning resource at no cost to them which will make learning more accessible. Under the supervision of an instructor, a NSCC student will be engaged to review and suggest improvements to the OER’s so that they are optimized from the student perspective. The success of this initiative may also encourage other faculty to adopt and adapt more OERs.

Other Team Members: Lynn MacGregor, Copyright Officer, Nova Scotia Community College Courses: MKTG 1010: Introduction to Marketing I; MKTG 2005: Introduction to Marketing II; BUSI 1015: The Business Environment; PSAL 2010: Professional Selling
Dr. Heather Green, Saint Mary’s University
Project: This project aims to raise awareness of Northern issues and experiences by incorporating them into post-secondary course curriculum and creating an online teaching module on environmental histories of borders in the North (North American Arctic and subarctic). A second goal of this project is to incorporate First Nations traditional knowledge and oral history from the North into course material.

Other Team Members: Dr. Jonathan Luedee, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of History, University of Toronto; Dr. Glenn Iceton, Independent Scholar

Course: HIST 2833: Environmental History of North America
Dr. Linda MacDonald, Dalhousie University
Project: This project is focused on the development of an open textbook that extends existing open textbooks with customized content aimed at an Atlantic Canadian audience; the textbook will reflect the concerns of underrepresented groups and will feature examples drawn from student workplace experiences.

Course: COMM 1715: Business Communications